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KOA Camping as an Alternative

I would like to see state laws/local county laws changed to allow all KOA campgrounds, and state run campgrounds to allow people to camp there indefinitely, instead of for two weeks to 28 days at a time. These are so many people without homes now, but who do have trailers or RVs. These are the only places that can accomodate them, and right now families and people without homes need all the help they can get.So why hamper them with onerous rules for length of stay in state campgrounds? KOA campgrounds can use the business too.Fees for camping would help support the national recreation areas and forests and volunteer numbers would skyrocket to enable our national parks to stay open. Right now people can camp for up to 2 weeks and then must leave for a month before returning for another 2 weeks. How ridiculous is that? Just let folks stay.Once this depression is over, then tighten back up on those length of stay rules.



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