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Many of the Local Agency have developed wonderful plans that outline services, some even outline specific goals and outcomes. I think it is important for the three tiers, federal, state and local to be on the same page. This means policies that not only support owners but also support tenants rights. A task force which consists of participants of the section 8 program should be developed on a state level and federal to provide the impacts of local. Additional monitoring and oversight must happen in regards to owners, the problem is that many of the "corporations" are playing the shell game, doing business with mobile PO Box, to where you cant retrieve returned rental deposits , creating blight situations to present a high turnover of tenants so that rents can be increased, and not adhering to ADA requirements.Governmental agencies are not able to keep control due to major budget constraints and staff reductions, Even with owners signing contracts they are not complying with guidelines, policies and law. The task force can assist in policy recommendations to ensure access, equity and accountability.



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