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Landlords should be subject to background checks (section 8)

I have become increasingly disturbed about the lack of accountability and responsibility required by HUD from the landlords who participate in the Section 8 program. Their level of accountability and active participation in the program needs to be increased exponentially to match those of the participants. Including but not limited to, background checks, filling out annual reports, periodic surveys,and an annual face to face interview. The landlords should give you feedback on how the program is or isn't working for them and give you insights into the needs of the tenants.


I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that participants in the program are thoroughly vetted, and have to provide all kinds of personal information and bank statements, yet these landlords are the ones actually receiving the federal dollars.


How is it that some housing authorities prevent people with felonies from participating in the program, yet these landlords are not subjected to any kind of criminal background investigation. I am upset that the owner of my building is listed as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) but I cannot get any information on the officers or board members, nor can I track down a copy of my rental file.


The man who says he represents the LLC is not the name that's listed with the Secretary of State. When I rented in the private sector, before being in the section 8 program, I never had any problems finding out who owned my building, who the corporate officers were, and who the employees were and their responsibilities.


My landlord has fired and rehired an apartment manager that has a criminal history. Last spring my landlord asked us to fll out a paper he said his bank required. The form asked me for very personal information like my bank account numbers. I have continually asked for my landlord to provide proof to me as to where that information went, and insure me that my information, including my social security number is under lock and key. To date I have not received no response.


Mr. Obama put out a call for accountability for fathers, yet a large portion of those fathers have felonies on their records, and therefore can't go and live with their children who are on section 8. This could be looked at as a form of housing descrimination, where the ones getting the housing have to adhere to a certain moral standard, but none of the landlords do and are considered worthy of taxpayer money simply because they have a space for rent.


In summary landlords need a vigourus vetting system, they should have to do more than just sit back and collect federal dollars, they should have to actively participate in the program. If you had landlords who were pleased with the section 8 program, and you got that feedback in writing, wouldn't that take away some of the stigma of section 8, and the people on section 8 and encourage more property owners to participate in the program?


If you had the landlords actively participate wouldn't that give you more insight into how your clients actually conduct themselves as tenants? This has to be a partnership on ALL LEVELS. Tenant, Landlord, and HUD.



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