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Engage Ameri-corp, Habitat 4 Humanity & others

Hud's mission statement has a great opportunity to be put into action, if only you would actively engage the service learning/volunteer community,a community that has in this decade grown leaps and bounds, especially with the youth of America. Engage people in service and inspire congress to provide them with a stipend and debt relief from their student loans.


If Habitat for Humanity can "build" houses for low income people, why is there not a group that can "fix" housing for low income people and provide some kind of tax incentive to the property owner. Lots of property owners are not just out for the money, they really cannot afford the necessary repairs.

You can create business partnerships to help pay for supplies.


This could also be seen as an opportunity to mentor youth and teach them a trade. Our schools rarely teach shop anymore. These kids could be learning electrician work, carpentry, plumbing, and basic home repair skills.


what I am trying to get you to see here is that HUD is the foundation of everything, because it all begins with HOME and then branches out into all the other segments of social interaction. There's absolutely no excuse for it to be "acceptable" for federal dollars to be spent on "anything" substandard now or in the future. There's absolutely no reason for our communities to be so dirty, unsanitary and unhealthy when we have a volunteer corp of citizens just waiting to be called into service.


I can help, I have a true background in community and volunteer organizing.........holding your feet to the fire......E. Mandisa~



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